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Trivia Assistance provided by the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

  1. The last hit of this tough Cookie's big league career broke up the no-hit bid of New York Yankees pitcher Bill Bevens with two outs in the ninth inning of Game 4 of the 1947 World Series. Who is he?
Harry Cookie Lavagetto
  1. Can you name the Hall of Fame third baseman who received his distinctive nickname due to a fondness for pastry as a child?
Harold Pie Traynor
  1. This dead ball era slugger, the only Baker in the Hall of Fame, acquired his nickname from his numerous round-trippers. Can you name him?
Frank Home Run Baker
  1. Who is the Hall of Famer with the sweet nickname often credited with inventing the curveball?
William Candy Cummings
  1. Can you name this Cookie, primarily a second baseman, who played every position on the baseball field during his 16-year playing career?
Octavio Cookie Rojas
  1. In a famous 1951 game, Detroit Tigers southpaw Bob Sugar Cain is famous for walking what 3-foot-7 St. Louis Browns player on four straight pitches?
Eddie Gaedel 
  1. Can you name the section on a barrel of a baseball bat where one can hit a ball solidly and with the most power?
The sweet spot.
  1. In baseball lingo, what is a can of corn?
An easily caught fly ball
  1. Who is the 22-year-old Candy Man who tossed a 1976 no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates against the Los Angeles Dodgers?
John Candelaria
  1. This Sweet Lou spent his entire 19-year major league career as a Detroit Tigers second baseman. Can you name him?
Lou Whitaker
  1. In 1902, what Pittsburgh outfielder became one of the only three players in the twentieth century to win the batting title despite hitting no home runs?
Clarence "Ginger" Beaumont
  1. This "Sweet Lou" was the American League's rookie of the year in 1969 with the Kansas City Royals.  Who was he?
Lou Piniella
  1. Who set an American League record in 1941 by driving in a run in 13 consecutive games?
Taft "Taffy" Wright
  1. What Hall of Famer was the starting catcher for the 1919 Chicago White Sox?
Ray "Cracker" Schalk
  1. This Hall of Fame outfielder led the American League in RBI in 1924, keeping Babe Ruth from winning the Triple Crown. Who was he?
Leon "Goose" Goslin
  1. What Hall of Fame pitcher won at least 20 games in five straight seasons in the 1970s?
Jim "Catfish" Hunter
  1. What Hall of Famer won two games as a pitcher in the 1948 World Series and managed the World Series champions in 1978?
Bob Lemon
  1. What current major league manager was on-deck when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth's career home run record in 1974?
Dusty Baker
  1. What Dodgers outfielder got the only hit of the game on the day in 1965 when Sandy Koufax pitched his perfect game?
"Sweet Lou" Johnson
  1. Who was the National League's rookie of the year in 1983, playing for the New York Mets?
Darryl Strawberry
  1. Who was the only New York Yankee to hit four home runs in one game?
Lou Gehrig, June 3, 1932 at Philadelphia
  1. Who was on deck for the Giants when Bobby Thomson hit his famous "Shot heard 'round the world" home run to win the 1951 playoff series against the Dodgers?
Willie Mays
  1. Who were the five original electees into the Hall of Fame? 
Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson, Christy Mathewson, Babe Ruth, and Honus Wagner
  1. In 1960, Ted Williams became the first player to steal a base in four different decades. In 2000, this New York Met became the second. Who is he
Rickey Henderson
  1. This Hall of Famer hit a home run in his first big-league at-bat, and then never hit another one. Name him.
Pitcher Hoyt Wilhelm
  1. What Hall of Famer is the only man to play for the Boston, Milwaukee, and Atlanta Braves?
Eddie Mathews
  1. What do Babe Ruth's 714th home run and Hank Aaron's 714th home run have in common?
Both Ruth and Aaron were playing for the Braves when they hit them.
  1. In the longest game in professional baseball history, Rochester and Pawtucket hooked up for 33 innings in 1981. The two starting third basemen in this game are both Hall of Famers. Their names?
Cal Ripken, Jr. and Wade Boggs
  1. What uniform number did Ty Cobb wear?
No number. Cobb retired after the 1928 season, and uniform numbers were adopted in 1929.
  1. Name the only father-son combination in the Hall of Fame?
Larry and Lee MacPhail
  1. Who is the only Hall of Famer named after a Hall of Famer?
Mickey Mantle was named after Mickey Cochrane
  1. Though every child dreams of hitting a homer to win the World Series, only two people have ever done it. They are?
Bill Mazeroski in 1960, and Joe Carter in 1993
  1. My teammate Christy Mathewson threw three complete game shutouts in the 1905 World Series. I pitched a complete game shutout in Game 4—who am I?
Joe McGinnity
  1. Of Stan Musial's 3,630 hits, what percentage were hit on the road, and what percentage were hit at home?
Fifty percent. Exactly 1815 of Musial's hits came at home, and 1815 came on the road.
  1. Joe Niekro hit one home run in his 22-year big league career. Whom did he hit it against? 
His brother, Phil Niekro
  1. How many home runs did Babe Ruth hit in the minor leagues?
  1. Name the three sets of brothers in the Hall of Fame?
Harry and George Wright, Paul and Lloyd Waner, and Rube and Bill Foster
  1. Who is the Hall of Famer named on the most other Hall of Famers' plaques?
Cy Young, because of the award named after him.
  1. Which Hall of Famer managed his team for 50 consecutive seasons?
Connie Mack of the Philadelphia Athletics
  1. Which Hall of Famer is the all time leader in triples, with 309?
Sam Crawford